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Unity Recovery Center is dedicated to using an all-encompassing approach to alcohol rehab that focuses completely on meeting the individual needs of each patient that enters our treatment facility. We understand that alcohol addiction is not a choice, but an issue that is characterized by the physical dependency on alcohol. It is a severe form of alcohol abuse that affects one's ability to control compulsive drinking, despite awareness of its harm to his or her health and when these problems arise, alcohol treatment at our facility is necessary.

Behavioral therapy, medical analysis, group accountability and support, combined with holistic therapies, are all important elements used at our alcohol rehab center. Unity Rehab's alcohol treatment and individual therapy sessions heal the patient as a whole, including the mind, body, and spirit. This well-rounded approach keeps our patients on the right path towards recovery while under our care and ensures proper rehabilitation without the risk of relapse once the patient leaves our treatment center.

Tailored Alcohol Treatment

The medical staff at our alcohol rehab center understands the difficulties of becoming clean and sober, but through our individualized alcohol rehab programs, recovery is possible. An important part of our individual therapy program is reaching the root of the issue. The reason one turned to alcohol in the first place. Treating the physical dependency to a drug, but failing to recognize the emotional issues behind why a patient has turned to drugs or alcohol can only lead to a failed recovery and a relapse in the future. Often a patient is suffering from a psychological issue or disorder such as a past trauma; bipolar disorder or depression and they are using alcohol as a coping mechanism for these problems.

Unity Rehab is a leading Florida alcohol rehab center that offers a variety of individualized alcohol treatment programs. These programs focus on our patients as a whole rather than just focusing on the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction. Unity Rehab blends a traditional 12-step approach along with a list of successful holistic, group, and individual therapies. The counselors and medically trained staff are experienced in handling all aspects of a patient and their addiction. The individualized treatment programs that we offer stand out amongst others as well as remain one of the most comprehensive and successful alcohol treatment facilities in the country.

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Why Our Alcohol Rehab Is The Best

Unity Rehab is considered to be one of the best alcohol rehab facilities in the country. We have achieved a positive reputation because of our high success rates and because we truly believe in enriching our patients with resources and skills necessary to live a sober life. We are a top-rated alcohol rehab program that surrounds our clients with the help, support, and the perfect amenities needed to direct them towards the path of a positive recovery.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Don't let your life slip away. The experienced counselors at our alcohol rehab center are dedicated to helping you or your loved one recover from alcoholism and alcohol dependency. Through individualized alcohol rehab planning, education, and personal and group therapy, our highly trained staff is able to maximize each patient's recovery potential. Our rehab programs are structured and challenging, but full of healthy new habits that will quickly replace those associated with alcohol abuse. Let Unity Rehab help you.